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Forest Certification

Milliken Advisors uses forest certification to connect big-picture corporate goals with ground-level proof of sustainability.

Our ISO certified team is experienced with national and international certification standards including FSC®, SFI®, ATFS®, and PEFC®.

We specialize in Forest Management and Chain of Custody certification. We evaluate, plan, launch, and administer turnkey and customized solutions, such as fiber supply groups, for industrial users of wood fiber across ecosystems of the Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and Mountain regions of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic United States.

forest certification


forestry management

Global Manufacturer

A global manufacturer of consumer goods, including printing and writing papers, fluff pulp for diapers and hygiene products for domestic and international markets, as well as commodity-grade wood pulp for overseas export, needed to rapidly increase availability of certified wood fiber at its mill sites. The manufacturer has a complex network of suppliers across ownership types, locations, and ecosystems.