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Nature-based Solutions

Nature-based Solutions

Milliken Advisors stays abreast of emerging trends to offer nature-based solutions in an effort to maximize benefit and return through the following avenues:

Forest Carbon

We focus on voluntary carbon credits through afforestation, improved forest management, and avoided conversion.


We focus on water quality and protection to benefit the environment and ensure smart development. We provide wetland delineations, permitting, mitigation design, compliance, monitoring, and more.


Renewable energy, such as solar, could be viable for your land asset. We can help you assess if solar is the right fit for your property.


We help you assess value and understand the implications and benefits of conservation easements. Conservation easements can protect land for future generations while allowing owners to retain important private property rights, maintain traditional land uses, and secure potential tax benefits or income.

Forest Certification

Milliken Advisors uses forest certification to connect big-picture corporate goals with ground-level proof of sustainability. Our ISO certified team is experienced with national and international certification standards including FSC®, SFI®, ATFS®, and PEFC®.


forestry management

Williamsburg County Property

In Williamsburg County, SC, a family owns 18,000 acres of land. The property has traditionally been managed for timber production and quality hunting, with an emphasis on quail hunting. At the owner’s request, Milliken Advisors explored nature-based project options on the property. Our focus was to generate revenue while minimizing impacts to recreational hunting.