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Williamsburg County Property

the opportunity

In Williamsburg County, SC, a family owns 18,000 which has traditionally been managed for timber production and quality hunting, with an emphasis on quail hunting. At the owner’s request, Milliken Advisors explored nature based solutions project options on the property. Our focus was to generate revenue while minimizing impacts to recreational hunting. To accomplish the objective, Milliken utilized an internal Geographic Information System (GIS) to evaluate the property for projects. Milliken contacted solar, wetland and carbon partners to develop appropriately scaled projects.

nature based solutions project

the results

Milliken implemented a 500-acre solar farm contract (currently under review) with anticipated construction to start in 2023. Two carbon projects have been developed on the property: a 5,000-acre Improved Forest Management (IFM) project and a 600-acre afforestation carbon project (GreenTrees SC). An initial wetland project is under review. The family has been able to implement multiple nature-based projects on their 18,000-acre tract. These projects are generating long-term revenue sources, while still maintaining the timber and recreational priorities of the property.


  • Solar
  • Wetland
  • Carbon Credits
  • Forest and Wildlife Management
  • Conservation Easements

team members

Thurston “Trip” L. Chavis III
President and CEO


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Travis Spainhour
Vice President of Business Development


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