case studies

Below are case studies of larger projects that Milliken Advisors has managed. The outcomes of each case study are evidence of our team’s deep knowledge of forestry consulting, forest certification, nature-based solutions, and GIS technology.

Global Manufacturer

A global manufacturer of consumer goods, including printing and writing papers, fluff pulp for diapers and hygiene products for domestic and international markets, as well as commodity-grade wood pulp for overseas export, needed to rapidly increase availability of certified wood fiber at its mill sites. The manufacturer has a complex network of suppliers across ownership types, locations, and ecosystems.


Charleston County Property

In the South Carolina Lowcountry, an investor has purchased 14,000 acres of land formerly owned by a paper company. The property was used to produce fiber and the overall land has been neglected. Many bottomland hardwood wetlands have been ditched, drained and converted to loblolly pine. Mature unthinned loblolly pine dominates the property.


Recreational Property

A 20,000-acre recreational-use property in Barnwell County, SC is intensively managed for forestry and hunting purposes. The property managers were faced with a challenge to keep track of all the activities happening on the property ranging from timber sales, quail hunting courses, to prescribed burn areas, etc.


Williamsburg County Property

In Williamsburg County, SC, a family owns 18,000 acres of land. The property has traditionally been managed for timber production and quality hunting, with an emphasis on quail hunting. At the owner’s request, Milliken Advisors explored nature-based project options on the property. Our focus was to generate revenue while minimizing impacts to recreational hunting.